Love Makes A Family

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The Journey I Had to Find Mom & Dad!

The Thompson home is bustling with excitement because they will soon be welcoming a new baby into their family and Patrick will be a big brother for the very first time! As they are preparing the house, Patrick's parents tell him about the incredible journey they took to adopt him.

Mom, Mama, and Me

Today is Career Day at school and all of the students in Jonathan's class are sharing what their moms and dads do for a living. Jonathan doesn't know what to say when it comes time for him to talk about his dad - he has two mothers. That night he asks his Mom and Mama why he doesn't have a father, and they tell him about the extraordinary journey they took to adopt him.

That's My Daddy and Pop

Daddy and Pop is the heartwarming story of Jessie, a little girl with two fathers. Jessie doesn't realize that her family is not 'typical' until a girl in her class asks about her mom. Daddy and Pop tell her about the amazing journey they took to adopt her.

Mom and Me...the Way It Should Be!

Shalisse is shopping for groceries with Mom, practicing some of the new words she learned to read in school. She sees some balloons at the checkout counter that spell out "Happy Father's Day." "Mom," she asks, "Why don't I have a father?" Mom tells Shalisse about the unforgettable journey she took to have her, using a sperm donor. COMING SOON