Love Makes A Family

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"The excitement generated by the music about having a new baby is infectious as the story of egg donation is gently and lovingly told. "
- Elaine R. Gordon, Ph. D.

"This is a wonderful book and excellent resource. I'll definitely recommend it to my egg donation clients."
- Steven Lazarus, Family Formation Law

"This was easy to read! Kids are going to love it! And the illustrations bring home what's important which is LOVE, makes a family!"
- Marna Gatlin, Parents Via Egg Donation

“It’s a great marriage and rare occurrence when talent, significant message, and wow product – that’s wonderful for humanity and the planet - come together to result in excellent and meaningful merchandise. That’s the case with Guess Who? Multimedia."
- Deborah Dachinger, Dare to Dream Radio - 925 KYHY

"This is a lovely book that kids will relate to. It will help children conceived through egg donation understand at an early age how they came to be."
- Amy Vance, MS, CGC

"Love Makes a Family books give parents a solid tool to lean on when exploring how to discuss the unique story of their family. I love that the child can be spoken to through music, story and a visual. I will be using these sets professionally and personally."
- Abigail Glass, MFT